Specialty Obstetrics of San Diego offers comprehensive prenatal care.  Since our physicians are specialists, all pregnancy related issues can be handled in our office including high resolution ultrasound, amniocentesis and CVS if necessary. Our physicians are uniquely qualified to care for pregnant women and any high risk issues that may arise. We use the latest research to formulate a unique treatment plan for each patient to achieve the best outcome possible. Our staff includes 3 experienced sonographers, a nurse practitioner, and a genetic counselor who all contribute to the comprehensive care that our patients receive. Our physicians perform deliveries at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.

Some of the issues that we review during a preconception consultation include:

» Medical conditions and there effects on pregnancy
» Immunizations
» Medication and radiation exposure in early pregnancy
» Nutritional issues
» Family history
» Genetic risk including risks associated with age
» Reproductive history including prior pregnancy outcomes
» Tobacco and other substance use that could affect a pregnancy
» Occupational and environmental exposures
» Physical exam including ultrasound

Our doctors are uniquely qualified in all aspects of pregnancy care. We specialize in the care of patients with pregnancy complications and, unfortunately, see many patients who could have benefited from a pre-pregnancy consultation. We welcome and strongly encourage you to schedule an evaluation prior to your pregnancy

*Please call us for inquiries and appointments (858) 794-7700