Specialty Obstetrics of San Diego offers consultative services to assist OB-GYNs manage high risk pregnancy. Outpatient consultations are performed at our Carmel Valley office.  Our physicians are also available for inpatient consultations at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns.  Our physicians are uniquely qualified to care for your high risk pregnancy since they have gone on to pursue additional training and board certification in the field of Maternal-Fetal Medicine. Many patients are referred by their primary obstetricians for consultation when risk factors are identified during their pregnancies. In these cases, our physicians will co-manage the pregnancy with the referring obstetrician to provide the most effective, comprehensive care to patients. Other patients that have had prior pregnancy complications or that have serious medical problems often schedule a consultation visit on their own to discuss the possible implications for future pregnancies. Some high risk factors that are appropriate for a consultation visit include: 


Medical History or Conditions
• Hereditary anemia
• Asthma
• Heart disease
• Prior pulmonary embolus
• Prior deep venous thrombosis or history of blood clotting disorder (e.g., Protein S, Protein C deficiency, etc.)
• A blood clotting disorder of if you take blood thinners
• Severe lung disease
• Kidney disease
• Connective tissue disorders like lupus
• High blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Require medications which may be harmful to the fetus
• Are being treated for cancer
• Abnormality of uterus

Prior Pregnancy with
• Intrauterine fetal death
• Death of a new born
• Baby born with anomalies
• Multiple pregnancy losses
• Incompetent cervix
• Preterm labor or premature delivery
• History of chromosomal abnormality

Current Pregnancy Conditions
• Poor fetal growth
• Suspected fetal malformation/birth defects
• Decreased fluid around the fetus
• Twins, triplets or more!
• Preeclampsia
• Teen pregnancy
• Gestational diabetes

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