Before the procedure, the doctor performs an ultrasound to identify the location of the placenta and the position of your baby.  The sample can be obtained either abdominally or vaginally.  Our office offers abdominal CVS.  A needle is then inserted under ultrasound guidance and a small amount of chorionic tissue is then removed from the developing placenta.  The procedure is generally well tolerated by patients.

Following the procedure, we ask patients to refrain from significant physical activity for 24 hours.  Additionally, we advise patients to refrain from intercourse and exercise (more than walking) for three days.  Things to watch out for include vaginal bleeding, leaking of clear fluid from the vagina, fever, chills, heavy or persistent cramping.  Patients with these symptoms are asked to call our office for instructions and follow up.  Usually these symptoms will not result in miscarriage.


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